Saturday, June 13, 2015

Momma Must Haves

Madeleine is 4 weeks! Where has this last month gone?!?!

This month really flew by and it feels just like yesterday that we were bring her home from the hospital. To celebrate her one month I wanted to bring you my "Top 10 List of Newborn Must Haves". 

1. WubbaNub: These cute little pacifiers help her settle down in the carseat and before naps some times. She loves to hold elephant's ear to keep her busy little hands occupied.  

2. Boba BabyWrap: This is a must! Madeleine loves to be all snuggled up in the wrap. When she is fussy and so tired that she can't fall asleep, I will wrap her up in this and walk her around a bit. In seconds she goes right to sleep! I love it too because it is comfortable to wear and I can get lots of things done around the house while she is fast asleep. 

3. Carter’sBaby Sleep & Play Footie: I love these so much more than onesies right now because I don't have to slide these over her head. I put her in these footie PJ's right after a bath before bed time. The snaps make it easy to change her diaper at night but my husband also loves the footies with a zipper instead of the snaps. The newborn PJ's have the great sleeves the fold over her hands so she won't scratch her face with her nails. Using those are so much easier than putting mittens on her little hands.

4. Nightlight: Who knew I would love a night light? However, it is so helpful having it in her nursery as I sleeplessly make my way to the changing table at 1am. 

5. MyBaby Sound Spa On-The-Go: Madeleine loves this sound machine and it is so convenient to put in her carseat. She loves the shushing sound and this helps her settle in when she gets sleepy. 

6. Lanolin: Definitely a must if you are nursing! I am not going to go into details but start using this day one! 

7. Summer Infant Swaddle Me: We swaddled her in the hospital with receiving blankets but she would manage to wiggle out sometimes. These swaddles have velcro so it makes it easy to wrap her up and she stays nice and cosy throughout the night. 

8. Black& White Books: She will stare at the images in these forever! She loves looking at all of the pictures and I enjoy talking to her about each image. The contrast between the black and white really helps her eyes focus on each page. We have a couple different black and white books and they are perfect for the awake time between feedings and naps. 

9. 4Moms Tub: I love this tub because it has a water temperature sensor. We run the water and once the light turns green we know the water temperature is safe for her to be in. It also has a little cup and cup holder, perfect for rinsing her off. 

10. Car Mirror: This helps put me at ease when we go places without Daddy. When we first ventured out on our own without Daddy's help I was glad to have the mirror to keep an eye on her.

I'd love to hear what your baby must haves are. Leave a comment below!

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