Sunday, August 2, 2015

2nd Grade TPT Tribe Meet'Em Monday!

The past month I have had the pleasure of getting to know many fabulous 2nd Grade teachers! 

After Angie's and Ashley's Periscopes at the TPT Conference in Vegas, I was inspired to start a Facebook page called My Second Grade TPT Tribe! The vision of the page was to provide a place where other 2nd Grade TPT sellers and blogger could connect, collaborate, and interact. On this page a few terrific teachers and I have hosted "Meet'Em Mondays"! A huge thank you to Pop Into Primary, Fit for FirstiesLittle Smarticle Particles, and Live Laugh Love Second for all of your help organizing this four week long event! 

To participate in "Meet'Em Mondays" teachers signed up and were given a themed task each week to complete. The goal of Meet'Em Mondays was to help other 2nd Grade teachers find a blogging buddy! 

Our weekly themes included:

Week 1: Stand Up, Hand Up, Pair Up 
(teachers signed up and were paired)

Week 2: Meet & Greet 
(teachers buddies were announced and they got to know each other)

Week 3: Reread, Rework, Reward 
(teachers swapped products and helped each other revise them)

Week 4: Show & Tell 
(teachers blogged about their buddy and their new and improved product)

During these four weeks I was paired with Jessica from A Passion Driven Teacher! I had a great time getting to know her! Through talking with her we found out that we had a lot of common interests. We both have wanted to be teachers since an early age, we love working out, and we both love the Carolinas! Check our a few more fun facts about Jessica...

During the third week, "Reread, Rework, Reward", Jessica helped me revise my new Teaching Responsibility product! She helped reread the lesson plan in this product to make sure it was clear and concise. She also reread the 24 responsibility task cards to provide me with feedback on how applicable the responsibility examples were for her own class and students. It was so helpful having another 2nd Grade teacher help revise a product!

To read about other 2nd Grade teachers that joined "Meet'Em Mondays" check out the links below! If you are a 2nd Grade blogger and TPT seller make sure to join our Facebook group so you can join in on the next "Meet'Em Mondays"!

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