Saturday, March 28, 2015

Showering Baby Girl

The past two weeks have just flown by! Last weekend my family threw a baby shower for baby girl and it sent me into super nesting mode! I have been busy washing clothes and blankets and preparing for our little girl's arrival in a few short weeks.  

The shower was so much fun and I am blessed to have such fantastic family and friends! Baby girl sure is lucky to have such loving people that are excited to meet her soon and welcome her into the world! 

The shower flew by and was over in the blink of an eye so I didn't get too many pictures. However, my Mom took a few right before the first few friends started arriving.  

I am obsessed with making wreaths so I made this little gem for the front door. It was super easy! With a quick trip to Micheal's Craft stores you can make one too.  All you need are 8 hydrangea flowers, one 12 inch grapevine wreath, burlap ribbon, one small chalkboard sign, and floral wire. First, I cut the stems off the hydrangea flowers leaving about 3 inches to stick into the grapevine wreath. Then I took the green leaves from the hydrangea stems and stuck them into the grapevine as well. I found spots in the wreath were the grapevine was tightly woven to make sure the flowers and leaves would be secure. I ended up not needing any hot glue but if you have trouble getting those leaves to stick you can surely add some glue. Then I used wire to fold the ribbon and secure it to the grapevine. Finally, I added the chalk board using wire to fasten it in the center of the wreath. It took about 25 minutes to complete the whole project. I was thinking next spring we can erase the "It's a Girl" and replace it with "Welcome Spring".

My Mom sure was busy planning the shower decorations.  She found tons of decorations on Etsy. I loved the sweet little "It's a Girl" onesie banner she found for the fireplace. The onesies were cut from different chevron and dot cardstock.  Also, the letters on the onesies were three denominational, so they appear to pop off the paper.  

 It's a Girl Banner
It's a Girl Banner 

My Mom worked with someone that went into business making themed cookies. These sweet little cookies came from J&J Bakeshop. The carriages were made to match the baby shower invitations. This bakeshop makes cookies for all kinds of occasions. I have seen Starwars cookies, safari cookies, Volkswagon cookies, and so much more.  Basically if you can dream it, this wonderful bakeshop can make it! :) 

J&J Bakeshop Cookies
This idea for favors came from Pinterest. My Mom went on a hunt for O.P.I. nail polish with either 'girl' or 'baby' in the name.  She found "It's a Girl", "Hey Baby", and "Girls Love Ponies"! She found the tags on Etsy and had them customized with the date of the shower.  
Nail Polish Favors: Tags

The baby shower was a blast and I want to thank my family for planning and putting the whole thing together! It was so exciting to see everyone at the shower and I am looking forward to meeting our little girl! 

I just started Spring Break as of 3PM yesterday! So I am hoping to post about the nursery and share a few great TpT products for the month of April this week. Make sure to stop back in a few days. See you soon!

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Dillard the Dog

Dillard is by far the sweetest dog I have ever had and I am linking up with these wonderful bloggers this weekend so that you can meet him!  

My husband and I rescued Dillard in the summer of 2013. The idea of getting a dog that summer came to me as I had just finished the school year and thought it would be the perfect time to have a little four legged addition to our family.  I started the conversation over dinner and by the time we were cleaning the dishes my husband had his laptop out and was searching for dogs! Just a short hour later we came across a picture of this little guy named Dill.  My husband has this crazy sense about “things being meant to be” and when he saw Dill's photo he turned to me and said “that’s our dog!” That next weekend, we went to meet him and just a few short days later they brought him to our house and the rest is history!

Originally his name was Dill, but with my husband being Will we decided to call him Dillard. We adopted him from Rural Dog Rescue, a non-profit organization that rescues dogs from high-kill shelters and relocates them back to the Washington D.C. area to be adopted. We were told that Dillard came from somewhere in North Carolina and when we first got him he was really nervous around men and people wearing. Now, almost two years later he has become so much more comfortable around men and loves my husband!  He has been, and will always be my shadow – If I am home this little guy will not leave my side! 

Dillard loves belly rubs, sun bathing, a nice big blanket to snuggle up in, and a little squeaking pig toy we call "Squeaker" (real original, I know!). But, his most favorite thing in the world is food! You say the word "dinner" and he wiggles with excitement. I could go on and on about this little guy and his big personality, but the biggest thing is that he brings so much joy to our lives. He puts a smile on our face each and every day.  I hope these pictures of him will bring a smile to your face as well! :) 

My students know all about Dillard as he’s often the topic of many short story examples that I model during writing workshop. He is also the topic of conversation at many “lunch bunches” I have with my students. Not to mention, Dillard has been the subject for some great 2nd grade artists! The more I talk about him, the more my students get to know about me and it really helps build a positive relationship with them.  

Dogs are often a big theme in a lot of story problems during math in our class! Using dogs in my math problems helps the students see the connection to math in the real world and also gets them excited about trying new math challenges.  I have created a packet of 20 word problems focusing around the topic of dogs.  My students love finding Dillard in a few of the problems and they also enjoy it when they see some of their dog's names in the problems too. 

This packet includes 20 problems involving; place value, number sense, skip counting, rounding, ways to construct numbers, ordinal numbers and much more! You can print and use them any way you would like; for homework, a word problem challenge center, math notebooks, or math warm-ups! Make sure to visit my TpT store to get your copy! In honor of our pet linky I have put a few items on sale until March 18th. Make sure to catch these word problems on sale before time runs out!

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I hope you enjoyed learning all about Dillard! Click below to visit others who have linked up to share stories about their favorite pet, favorite pet products, and much more!