Meet the Teacher!

I have been teaching for over 5 years in Virginia!  I was born and raised here and attending FCPS schools.  Most of my experience is in the primary grades but I will admit teaching 2nd grade is my favorite!  I love teaching and creating engaging lessons is my passion.  I believe that learning should be hands-on, meaningful, engaging, and collaborative! We can't learn alone, we learn the most when we work with others! Believe me, my classroom sure isn't the quietest one on the hall because we are constantly up moving, learning and interacting! 

Outside of school I am a wife to a wonderful guy and a mom to our baby girl born in the May of 2015! 

Neat, Sweet and Hard to Beat?!? How did this name come to be? My Dad would always tell me that I was neat, sweet and hard to beat when I was a little girl. My Dad is a hard working guy that I adore, so this blog is a little tribute to him and all he has taught me about life. When I started coming up with names for a blog about teaching though I started with a list of names to describe my teaching style and beliefs in education.  But then I stopped to think about teachers themselves.  Truly, it is teachers that are neat, sweet and hard to beat so it surely had to be the name of my blog.  Teachers make this world go round!  They are helping our little ones build the future. Teachers are the most caring, creative and kind people I know!

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