Saturday, January 3, 2015

Here's Two a Knew Year & Homophone Activities

Opps! I spelled a few things wrong! Oh those silly homophones! Do you remember learning about homophones when you were in elementary school? Confused that a bear really isn't bare... or your aunt isn't really an ant...

This week I have posted a week long unit all about homophones.  It includes five days of word study activities.  Also, there are five days of reading and writing activities.  Visit my Tpt Store to get your copy!

 TpT Homophone Pack

 Tpt Homophone Pack

I have it set up so that each day students complete one word study activity using a list of 24 homophones.  

Then they also complete a second activity that is either done independently, whole class, or small group.  There are two book titles included to help you introduce the concept of homophones.  

28 color picture cards and 28 sentence task cards are part of this set too.  Along with these cards I have included 4 different activities that can be done in your class to best fit your students needs.  For an active class use the task cards for Quiz-Quiz-Trade or Scoot.  For students that love to interact with one another use the task cards for Fan-N-Pick, Kaboom or Showdown!  All directions for these activities are included.   

What I love about this pack is that you can use these task cards year after year but change up the activity based on your class.  For my class this year, Scoot and Quiz-Quiz-Trade are favorites.  But, in past years Fan-N-Pick and Showdown were definitely hits. 

A story hunt is also included in this pack and is differentiated to meet the needs of different learners in your class.  There is one story but I have adapted it in two different ways.  The first way students can read, choose and circle the correct homophone in a sentence.  The second way students have to hunt for the homophone and decide if it is spelled correctly.  If not, he/she will need to rewrite the word with the correct spelling.  It is definitely more challenging. 

I am going to give away a this unit for free to one follower on Instagram so head on over and follow me HERE!

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