Saturday, January 10, 2015

Who Do We Appreciate? Go GoNoddle, Go, Go GoNoodle!

Elizabeth of Kickin' It In Kindergarten has started a linky all about GoNoodle and I couldn't agree with her more! GoNoodle has been a life saver for all those days when we couldn't have outdoor recess because of freezing temperatures, rain, or snow!  It also saves us right after our class comes back from lunch and they are all wound up from 30 minutes of unstructured time.  

I have built GoNoodle into our schedule now so that students have a chance to get some energy out and refocus their bodies and brains before beginning math each day!  My students love do do Zumba, Run with Us, and KooKooKangaRoo! 

This week we have been playing Pop See Ko on repeat because it is defiantly catchy and my students love seeing the silly characters pop out! 

The best is seeing my students cheer for the different "Champs" they can pick from.  Right now we are cheering on Squeaky Laroo and watching him grow. 

Thanks Elizabeth for this awesome linky!! Please head over to her blog to link up for your chance to win some GoNoodle SWAG!

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