Thursday, January 8, 2015

Happy Brrs-day!

But really...Happy Thursday! This week sure has been an interesting one!

Tuesday we got a bit of snow and school didn't close.  My husband had to drive me to work and it took over an hour compared to my normal 20 minute commute.  But long story short I made it to school safe and sound and #closefcps trended world wide that day.  

Wednesday I finally shared with my students that we are expecting our first baby after a student asked me why my stomach was getting bigger and bigger by the day.  They were excited and full of questions but it is defiantly nice to not be keeping the secret anymore.  I'll post more about the big reveal later.

Now it's Thursday and school was closed because of the frigid temperatures.  When I woke up my weather app said it felt like -3 degrees out so I wasn't going to complain that I got to stay inside all day!  

Today was productive as I worked from the comfort of my couch. I worked on 4 week writing unit that integrates non-fiction text features, our weather unit, technology research, editing, and much more! It is a unit I have worked over and over through out my time teaching and I feel like it is finally perfected.  It will be coming to TpT soon! 

But in the mean time I wanted to give you this little FREEBIE...

When teaching balanced equations I have always found it helpful for my students to use the balance scale visual.  I usually use this in a technology math center either with IPads or laptops.  Included is a QR code that will take you directly to the balance scale my students use when completing their work.  If you are using a laptop there is also a link that you can add to your laptops favorites tab.  I hope you and your students enjoy!

Keep warm and enjoy your Brrs-day!

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