Wednesday, January 14, 2015


Today I am just dreaming of summer! On a cold day like this it's hard not to remember those warm summer days spent in the sun.  For today we are stuck inside with more cold temperatures.  
Our beach trip to Charleston, SC
Summer 2014
Oh summer soon you'll be back! Until then it's time to get my kiddos summarizing so we can pass those DRA's come May! 

Summarizing can be a tough one at first.  We spend all of 1st grade telling our kids to verbally retell every detail they can remember and then SNAP! Welcome to 2nd more retelling all those facts.  It's time for you to decide whats important from the story and write it down in an organized summary! 

My first year teaching I had no idea where to begin! But then those best practices rang in my ear...model, model, model and just when you think your kids understand model some more! So modeling is what I do!  I start by reading the class a story during our mini lesson on a Monday and then we spend the week pulling out key vocabulary, learning the structure of a summary and examining different summaries all written about the same book.  We read good examples of summaries and not so good examples of summaries. Then we get our teaching glasses on and grade them with rubrics.  The kids think it's great they finally get to grade my work instead of me always grading theirs!   Take a peak at one of my summaries and the rubric...
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I have found providing my students with examples of the good and bad summaries they start to see the difference and understand what I am expecting of them when I ask them to finally go write their first summary.  After I feel like my students have analyzed a summary enough we start writing summaries in guided reading groups with books that are just right for them.  

To get my first week of summary mini lesson plans and printable summaries with rubrics and answer keys visit my TeacherPayTeachers store!  There is also a freebie there for you to grab of a blank summary form and retelling organizer! Hope you enjoy and HAPPY (SUMMER)izing!

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