Friday, January 23, 2015

Kickin' Off The Kindness Challenge with Snowbuddies!

Next week we are starting the Kindness Challenge that runs January 26th through the 30th! If you are interested in joining us in the challenge visit The Great Kindness Challenge page! If your school is already signed up I would love to hear what kinds of things you are doing in your classroom next week, so comment below!   

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Today we spent some time getting to know our classmates a bit better.  Around this time of year I always like to mix it up and challenge them to make a new friend in the class. 

So today I paired them up with a student that I don't see them spend much time with and encouraged them to talk about their interests.   It is so neat circling the classroom hearing conversations about their favorite movies, colors, hobbies and so much more.  I know we do all this in the beginning of the school year but doing it mid-year makes a big difference too. We used these snowman Venn Diagrams that you can find for FREE in my store
 Snowbuddy Venn Diagram
 Snowbuddy Venn Diagram
The best part of my day was hearing them come up to me and say "We ran out of room in the middle of our Venn Diagram! I never knew we had so much in common!"  It was also exciting to see them come up with differences that make them each special and unique in their own way.  
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If you visit my store and download the Snowman Venn Diagram I also have other pages in the freebie so you can do text-to-text comparisons with snowman read alouds.  I have included the book titles in the freebie PDF file.  


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