Friday, December 26, 2014

3, 2, 1...First Freebie Ready

Right before we went on Winter Break I created a cumulative review for my students and they had a blast so I wanted to share!

So let me set the scene...T'was the night before the last day of school before a 16 day break, we would be starting the day off with a holiday sing-a-long and they would be leaving two hours early to start their winter vacation!  I sat cosy on my couch in front of our Christmas tree and thought to myself 'how am I going to keep my students engaged right after running around the gym dancing to holiday tunes?'  Then it came to me...we would scoot around the room and review all sorts of exciting topics to celebrate our learning from 2014!  So I created the Snowman Scoot.  

Let me tell you, I was nervous about how engaged they would be because of all the excitement in the air but after the assembly they got right to work.  Five minutes later another teacher stopped by the room. She saw 24 pairs of eyes staring at their task cards while answering on clipboards. She couldn't believe how calm they were after such an exciting morning! SCORE! It made me one happy teacher to see them so focused.  

Snowman Scoot has a little bit of everything.  Review of compound words, contractions, homophones, punctuation and even fractions, addition, subtraction and place value.

So whether it is a snowy month of January for you, or you are looking for a nice review to start the new year off right... I hope you enjoy this little freebie!

Thank you for stopping by! Let me know if you have any questions! 

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